Industrial strength Java testing tools.

GrandTestAuto (GTA) is a set of tools for testing Java applications that consist of many hundreds or thousands of classes. Features:
  • Built-in coverage checking to ensure that all code is unit tested.
  • Multi-level testing so that Functional and Load tests get run automatically.
  • Tests can be run across multiple continuous integration servers.
  • Test results from multiple sources can be aggregated and checked to ensure that all tests were run.
  • Tools for dealing with flaky tests.
  • Very simple configuration.
In this site, we have a two minute guide to GTA. If this piques your interest, you may want to read the advanced guide, or simply download the software.
Android testing
This article explains how to write automated functional tests of Android applications.
Version 5.3
The latest version is out and it includes lots of features for dealing flaky tests, handling tests across multiple servers, and many other things.
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Another Good Review!
Our book Swing Extreme Testing received a good review from Alex Ruiz. The review is mainly positive but there are a few criticisms that need a response.
Book Reviewed!
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New Version!
Great New Book!
GrandTestAuto features in our recent book: Swing Extreme Testing.
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